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Have you created an app that you want to publish in the app stores now?

Publish your app on Google play Store

Publish your App on Play Store:

Play Store is the biggest app marketplace throughout the world. If want your app published on Play Store and into your customers' hands keep reading this article till end.

Before you get started:

♂ It's not free to publish an app on Google Play Store. You must have a Google Play developer account to publish your app on the same. You can create a Google play developer account by paying one time registration fee as $25.

♂ You will need to create a Google Wallet Merchant Center account, if you want to submit any of your app as paid.

♂ You must have your downloaded the APK file, 3-4 screenshots and an app icon.

Submit your app to the Google Play store:

● Log in to your Google Play account.

● Tap All Applications and then click ➕ icon to add new app.

● Select default language of the app then enter app Title.

Under Store Listing Tab: Fill up all the mandatory fields marked with an *                                    
(Leave the content rating field as you will fill that in it's own tab.)

● Add Screenshots and app icon by tapping "Browse Files" and the ➕ icon

(Be sure to add the screenshots in the proper sizes.)

● In the last field of the store tab you have to add the following Privacy Policy link:
(Make sure you have saved all things until this point.)

● Now, click on "app release" tab and select "manage" under production.
● Click on release and choose Opt-out under app signing.

● Upload the APK file which you want to publish on Play Store by clicking on Browse Files.

● In case of an existing app update you will have to mention a brief description at the bottom under what's new in this release? and then Click Save.

● Under Content Rating Tab click Continue without doing anything.

● Enter your email address and confirm it.

● Under App Category select the category that best describes your app.

● Begin the questionnaire.

If you want the app rating to be E for everyone, reply NO to all the questions. Once completed click Save the Calculate rating and then finally Apply Rating.

●Select the Pricing & Distribution tab.

=> Fix your app's pricing by either tapping Free or Paid. If you want to publish your app as a paid app, you must add a merchant account to your Google Play Account.

Note: Once you saved your app as free, you can't change the price.

=> Tick All Countries check-box to allow users in all regions to access and download your app, or select specific countries from the given list.

=> Under Primary Child Directed and Contains Ads select appropriate one.

=> Under Consent boxes must be checked for Content guidelines and US export law and then click Save.

● At last, Select the App Release Tab again and tap on Edit Release
* Click Review
* Finally click Start Roll-out to Production and then Confirm
Congratulations ! your app publication is now pending for some hours. Your app will be available on the Google play android marketplace very soon. Keep posted for any communication via gmail.

Now you can publish all your apps in the same way easily. If you feel stuck doing anything, let us know your issue, query and suggestion in the comment box.
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