HRMS Odisha Login & Registration for Govt Employee

 Know the process of getting new activation of HRMS Odisha login for every employee on registration for state Government ESS portal, Find the process how to apply and where can approve the HRMS login…

The State Government of Odisha has brought an online portal for Odisha Government employees to supply their services, and this portal is specifically designed to get the records of Pay Slips, Recruitment’s process, updates and other employee related services.

The Human Resource Management System does play a vital role in disbursement of Odisha Pay slip to every individual or state government employee.

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The Automated Payment based on Odisha Pay Slip is done in HRMS portal and allows employees to get their salaries on Time, and thus by using HRMS Odisha portal, once get know how much has been credited and what are the sources from detailed salary slip along with checking their details.

If you’re an employee of the Odisha state government, then you need to get registered at the HRMS Odisha Portal to get employee services, Follow the below steps to activate our online account in HRMS Odisha website.

How to Register to HRMS Odisha Portal

  1. Visit your department account office to get DDO officer contact
  2. Provide your details to DDO officer with online request form
  3. Name, Date of Birth, Mobile Number, Department Code to be given
  4. Once details are verified DDO will activate your account
  5. Username and Initial password will be provided to employees after successful activation of their online HRMS Odisha Account.

Here we will let you know how to use your credentials and login to Odisha HRMS portal to access your details along with your payment sheet information.

HRMS Odisha Login

  1. Go to HRMS Odisha official website using the in your URL bar and wait to get loaded fully
  2. On right side click on Login button
  3. Select Personal Login tab
  4. A New page ( will be loaded which is your HRMS Login page
  5. Here pass your User ID followed by Password in respective column
  6. Enter the security code
  7. Click on Login button to continue
  8. Details will be checked and then you will be taken to Odisha Employee Page
  9. The employee page will be loaded with your details and name showing at top corner
  10. Select any option and use the service provided by the Odisha Government.

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