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 In today’s time, many things become easier with the help of technology. In this way, many state governments in India are taking advantage of modernity and making management easier. With its help, many resources and time are also saved. This is how every government system has become organized and camphorated. 

k2 CHALLAN is a treasury system also known as an online treasury system. With this help, the Government can easily manage its treasury sector. Khajane is a Sanskrit word meaning treasury. Today with the help of Khajane, 216 treasury of Karnataka have been connected with the official office server which is the secretariat office of the state. This application helps to updates and receipts the server. The Treasury automation system helps to come up and achieving complete transparency and control over all the transactions. 

What is Khajane 2 

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The state government of Karnataka wanted a system that effectively reduces work time and eases data discrepancies system which helps them to ease any kind of accounting decision. This kind of effective system helps the government Namma Khajane to get proper and accurate accounts of all transactions and promote a disciplined approach. 

This system helps to avoid saving data duplication and any kind of corrupt data into the system which helps to maintain a clean record of data.  In other words, this system helps to create a stable accounting record for the government. it also helps the in tracked and monitored Pensioner’s payment in the treasury. 

Khajane helps to monitors all transactions and keeps a safe record of it. Functions of Namma Khajane 2  Khajane 2 is advanced software that is designed by the CMS. CMS is a company belonging to TATA industries. The department of treasury handle managing accounts of the government. 

They also included the payments which are made or done on behalf of the Karnataka Government. this application includes the following functions like payments, receipts, stamps, pensions, deposits, etc. 

Other Functions: Payments Returns House Maintenance Accounts Stamps and strong room Pensions Receipts Deposits Social security Pensions Housekeeping

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